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Us vs. The Competition

When you hire a Missouri registered agent service, you have a lot of options. You’ve got The Big Boys, those massive registered agent conglomerates with hundreds of thousands of clients. You’ve got the Mid-Sized Nationals, those nationwide companies that farm out their service to local offices. And you’ve got the Little People, those itty-bitty agencies with only a few clients.

And then, well…you’ve got us. And we’re the best.

Here’s why:

The Big Boys

If you do a simple business name search in Missouri, you’ll find one registered agent service listed more than any other. The Secretary of State claims they have 45,897 clients as of December of 2015. In just this one state! This company does business in every state, and in every state they’re the biggest.

Do the math. Forty-five thousand or so clients per state. Fifty states. Multiply the first row, carry the one…you get the idea.

Maybe if you’re a Fortune 500 company with millions and millions of dollars of capital and investors calling you every day you’ll get some serious love from this company. Maybe they’ll even wine you and dine you, take you out to hit a few golf balls. Who knows. But if you’re not one of those companies, then what are you?

A number. And you always will be.

The second biggest registered agent company in Missouri is not quite half as large, but their client list still numbers in the tens of thousands. We guess you’ll have a better shot with them, but really…you’re still just a number.

What’s worse, you’ll pay a heck of a lot more to be that number: between $200 and $350 per year. Yikes!

Calling number 45,898…

Why We’re Better Than the Big Boys:

Well, we think it’s kind of obvious. You’ll have a relationship with us. We’ll care about your business, and you won’t get lost in the shuffle.

Want to see something that’ll make you weep? Check out this default judgement of a client of the biggest registered agent service in the world. That’s right, one of the Big Boys didn’t maintain reliable communication with that client they were charging $350 per year. And when you don’t maintain a relationship, this is what happens.

At Missouri Registered Agent LLC, you’ll never be just a number. We may not be able to take you golfing, but we’ll never fail to deliver your service of process. We guarantee it.

The Mid-Sized Nationals

If you’ve looked around much, you’ve probably noticed that there are twenty or so national registered agent service companies in the country, all of which offer service here in Missouri. They’re a lot smaller than The Big Boys, but they’ve still got nationwide reach.

Well, sort of. The Mid-Sized Nationals don’t actually have offices in every state. They have an office somewhere, to be sure: a national headquarters. But that’s it. Instead of operating their own offices, they farm out their service to smaller companies (like us). To be fair, they don’t really have much choice. Operating an office in every state runs against their business model, driving costs too high to sustain their lower prices.

But think about it: these Mid-Sized companies don’t even live or work in Missouri!

They outsource their work to other companies and sit back and collect the fees!

Now, maybe you’re okay with that. Maybe it doesn’t bother you none. But take a moment and consider this too: the local agency that is actually doing the work–that agency you actually depend upon to maintain your good standing–doesn’t care about you. Why would they? They have no relationship with you. Their relationship is with the Mid-Sized National. They’re subcontractors, and there’s always more work out there for subcontractors. So when your documents arrive in their office, is it truly important to them that they be handled in the best way possible? That they be accepted and uploaded and forwarded in a truly timely manner? It’s no skin off their back if you end up with a default judgment against your company. After all, they know that the Mid-Sized Nationals are wholly reliant upon them.

Why We Rock More Than a Mid-Sized National:

  • You’ll get your documents handled one time: from us directly to you
  • More privacy and fewer people handling your sensitive documents
  • When we get a document for you, we scan it right into your account
  • We’re up to half the price of expensive national companies
  • You get to go direct to the source

The Little People

If you search long enough, you’ll find a few Mom and Pop registered agent services out there, too. Everybody needs a little extra income at the end of the month, right? And there’s no harm operating out of what used to be Aunt Sally’s washroom. Really, this is the American entrepreneurial spirit at its best.

But while the Little People make a few bucks here and there each month serving a few dozen clients, it’s never really do or die for them. This isn’t where they’re making their bread and butter after all. This is that little bit of extra. This is drinking money. Cigarette money. Lotto ticket money. If they lose a few clients, it means they can’t go see the new Star Wars movie on the weekend. Not exactly a big loss.

Hold on there, you say. This service here is a legal office. Or maybe you discovered a CPA offering registered agent service as well. Those are solid, professional people.

True. No doubt about it. We don’t mean to knock them.

But they’re lawyers and CPAs first. Registered agents second.

You don’t really want to be someone’s second choice, do you?

Why We’re Better Than Ma and Pa:

  • Online account. We’re big enough to have hired high end web developers to provide you a secure online account
  • Instant service. Sign up online, get started instantly
  • We store your documents in your online account
  • We provide you a way to get us multiple emails, phone numbers, addresses, and contacts to get documents to you
  • You can pay online and always see a history of your account
  • We’ve invested in our website and our equipment. Heck our website was $30,000 and our scanner $15,000. We’re here for the long haul.
  • This is what we do. This IS our entire focus in business life
  • We’re cheaper than all the small registered agents anyway! They can’t compete with our prices.
$40 a Year - Done in 3 Minutes

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