Incorporate in Missouri

$223 Total - Done in 6 Minutes

Learn how to incorporate in Missouri and the advantages of the Missouri corporation.

To incorporate in Missouri you file Articles of Incorporation with the Missouri Corporations Division. You can file online and pay $59.75 (Missouri charges an extra $21.25 for its Initial Report requirement which brings the actual filing cost to $81) to form a Missouri corporation. A Missouri corporation is owned by shareholders and controlled by its corporate bylaws which outline how the corporation will operate.

Our Missouri incorporation package includes preparing and filing custom Articles of Incorporation, writing custom corporate bylaws and initial resolutions, and one year of Missouri registered agent service for only $221.

How to Incorporate in Missouri

  1. Before Filing: Name Your MO Company

    Before you file any documents with the Missouri Corporations Division, you will need to determine the name of your Missouri corporation. Not every name is available, as existing corporations have already registered thousands of names within the state. And not all names are allowed by Missouri law.

    Section 351.110.1 of the Missouri Revised Statutes requires that one of the following words (or their abbreviations) must be used in a corporation name: Corporation, Company, Incorporated, or Limited.

    You cannot use the following terms: Cooperative, Bank, Insurance Company or Redevelopment.

    You cannot register a name that is already in existence and in use by another entity in Missouri. To check on the availability of a name, you can do a business name search on the Secretary of State website.

  2. Submit Articles of Incorporation

    You incorporate in Missouri by filing Missouri Articles of Incorporation with the Missouri Corporations Division and paying the incorporation fee, which is a minimum of $59.75. The incorporation fee is based upon the dollar amount of authorized capital, plus a fee to issue the Certificate of Incorporation and an automatic fee that is donated into the MO Technology Fund, plus an online filing convenience fee. Articles of Incorporation list information about your corporation:

    • Name of the corporation
    • Name and address of your registered agent in MO
    • Value of aggregate number of authorized shares
    • Name and address of your incorporator
    • Purpose of your Missouri corporation
    • Number of directors

    You can file Articles of Incorporation by mail or online. Online filing is preferred, as processing is complete within three days. Paper filings can take up to a week to process after the document has been accepted by the Corporations Division.

  3. After You Incorporate

    After you incorporate in Missouri, the Corporations Division will issue you a Certificate of Incorporation, officially recognizing the formation of your new Missouri corporation. But there is more housekeeping still to address. A Missouri corporation must file for a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN). An EIN is obtained through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and can be applied for online.

    You will need to write corporate Bylaws, the governing document that outlines the ownership of your corporation and its operational structure. In your Bylaws, you will determine the initial shareholders and their shares of stock, as well as the initial Board of Directors and corporate officers (President, Secretary, etc.).

    To process monetary transactions for your Missouri corporation, you will need a business bank account. You can open an account at any bank branch, but you should contact the bank in advance to determine what paperwork they will need. It is likely the bank will want copies of your Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and an initial resolution authorizing the opening of an account.

Why You Should Incorporate in Missouri

  1. No More Franchise Tax

    Starting January 1, 2016 the Missouri Department of Revenue will no longer be assessing a franchise tax on corporations. For years, Missouri corporations have paid not only a tax on corporate income but also a business franchise tax. But with the removal of the franchise tax, Missouri corporations will now be able to save money, increase revenues, and improve business.

  2. Easy & Fast Online Filing

    You can still file business documents by mail in Missouri, but it is both easier and cheaper to file most documents online. Annual Registration Report filings can be done online, saving Missouri corporations $25 per year, as well as expenses for postage and delivery. Online filings do not require any kind of specially registered account. In fact, all you will need is an active email address and a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover).

  3. Low Annual Maintenance Fees

    Missouri is one of the least expensive states to maintain a corporation in, with a simple Annual Registration Report due (for all corporations formed after July 1, 2003) three months after the end of the anniversary month in which the entity incorporated. In other words, if you registered your corporation on July 8th, your annual reports will be due by the end of October each year. The filing fee is a low $20 if filed online ($45 for paper filings). Compared to the numerous annual fees, franchise taxes and high corporate tax rates of many so called “business friendly” states, Missouri offers a major savings to corporations.

  4. Diverse, Business Friendly Economy

    Missouri is consistently rated as one of the most diverse and business friendly states in America, whether you form a Missouri LLC or corporation. The Department of Economic Development rated Missouri the third most diverse business state in the country. The international brokerage and consulting firm, Pollina Corporate, ranked Missouri as the 8th most pro-business state. CNBC ranked Missouri 15th in the nation for Economy. Missouri has a strong history of pro-business taxes and laws.

Calculate Your Missouri Incorporation Fee

When you incorporate in Missouri, you must pay an initial incorporation fee based upon the dollar amount of your authorized capital (the total value of your authorized shares). Missouri imposes a minimum fee of $50 for any corporation formed with an initial capital of $30,000 or less.

For every additional $10,000 of authorized shares, the fee increases by $5. The chart below includes the mandatory fees for issuing a Certificate of Incorporation ($3) and donation to the MO Technology Fund ($5), plus a $1.75 convenience fee to file online.

Authorized Capital of Shares

Total Incorporation Fee

$30,000 or less $58
$30,001 to $40,000 $63
$40,001 to $50,000 $68
$50,001 to $60,000 $73
$60,001 to $70,000 $78
$70,001 to $80,000 $83
$80,001 to $90,000 $88
$90,001 to $100,000 $93
$100,001 and above Fee continues to increase by $5 per $10,000

Our Missouri Incorporation Package:

We offer a total Missouri incorporation package for only $221. We will handle the incorporation filing and provide you with the necessary business documents custom made for your Missouri corporation. Included in the package is one year of our service as your registered agent in MO.

Missouri Incorporation Service:

  • Completed Articles of Incorporation filed with the Missouri Corporations Division
  • Custom corporate Bylaws
  • Custom initial incorporator resolutions
  • Digital account access where your documents will be stored
  • One-year registered agent service

DIY Missouri Incorporation

If you feel confident in filing the documents yourself, you can hire us to serve as your Missouri registered agent and from your online client account you will find all the necessary business documents (with easy-to-understand instructions) to file with the Corporations Division. As our client, you can always contact us at any time if you have questions about your filing.

Missouri Annual Registration Report

After you incorporate in Missouri, you must file an Initial Registration Report with the Missouri Secretary of State within 30 days of incorporation. Many new Missouri corporations forget to file this initial report and are hit with a $15 penalty for late filing.

After filing your initial report, you are required to file an Annual Registration Report each year. The report is due within three months after the anniversary month of your incorporation (if you incorporated in July, you file by October 31st). You can file all annual registration reports online with the Secretary of State. There is a $20 filing fee for submitting the report online.

A registration report can be filed by mail, but paper filings are assessed a $45 filing fee. The Secretary of State encourages Missouri corporations to file online for the fastest and most efficient results.

Incorporate in Missouri FAQs

Can I Incorporate Online in Missouri?

Yes. In fact, it is easier, faster and cheaper to incorporate online in Missouri. Online incorporations can be done at the Corporations Division’s web portal.

What Are the Ongoing Fees for a Missouri Corporation?

A Missouri corporation must file an Annual Registration Report each year and pay the fee. The annual fee is $20 if filed online, $45 if submitted by mail.

Corporations used to pay an annual franchise tax, but starting in 2016 the state of Missouri is doing away with the corporate franchise tax.

Do I Need a Missouri Registered Agent?

Yes. A registered agent is required by law. Your registered agent is critical to maintaining compliance with the Secretary of State. Your agent accepts service of process on behalf of your corporation and contacts you in the event that your company is sued.

Missouri corporations failing to maintain a registered agent will be dissolved by the Secretary of State.

Why Should I Hire You to Form My Corporation?

At our registered office, every day we file business documents with the Missouri Corporations Division. We form Missouri corporations and limited liability companies and manage corporate compliance for our clients all day, every day. We understand the complexities and the subtleties of business filing in Missouri.

It is true that you can hire a fancy law firm to handle your Missouri incorporation. Likely they will charge you a small fortune, and since business incorporation isn’t their specialty, there’s a fair chance they won’t do it properly. And what motivation do they have to provide excellent customer service, since you will be a one-and-done client?

We are not interested in a one-time fee. When we incorporate a Missouri corporation for our clients, we offer our registered agent service as part of our incorporation package. We don’t want to simply collect a fee and send you on your way. We want to be a partner in the success of your business throughout the life of your company. We are extremely motivated to maintain high-quality, devoted service to you and to all our clients.


$223 Total - Done in 6 Minutes