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A Missouri registered agent is required

to register your business with the Missouri Secretary of State. You file articles of organization for a Missouri LLC or articles of incorporation for a Missouri corporation and appoint a registered agent and registered office on the articles. A Missouri registered agent can either be a legal resident of Missouri that maintains a business office and is open during business hours to accept legal service of process, or a Professional Missouri registered agent service like us, that is in the business of providing these services to you. Our duties are to accept mail and legal notices for you, and make sure we get them to you.

Why do I need a Missouri Registered Agent?

If you’re doing a Missouri incorporation, a Missouri corporation, a Missouri LLC, registering an out-of-state entity in Missouri for a certificate of authority or certificate of registration, or you are just getting ready to incorporate in Missouri, you’ll need a Missouri registered agent. The general public needs a way to complain to any business in Missouri. The red tape of a registered agent might seem like a hassle now, but if you need to send an official notice to a business, you simply look up their registered agent, and send your complaint there. It’s legal proof that you notified them. This is why it’s so important to hire a registered agent that will do the job right every single time.

Why we’re the Best Missouri Registered Agent:

  • Instant online account. Don’t trust an agent without an online account system
  • You’ll receive timely reminders to file your corporation annual reports
  • LLCs don’t have reports and can be formed privately through us
  • We allow you to use our address to keep yours offline
  • We offer domain name, website, email, and business phone services
  • We scan all your documents within hours to your online account
  • No additional charges when we get documents for you
  • Same price each year
  • Document notification system in place
  • The cheapest Missouri registered agent

See why we're the best

We are a Missouri registered agent service that helps out-of-state businesses register to do business in Missouri, and we help keep a lot of local businesses in good standing with the Missouri Secretary of State by acting as your registered agent. If you have a Missouri corporation, we will send you timely reminders to file your annual reports, and you can always track your due dates in your online registered agent account. If you want to form a Missouri LLC, you do not file reports each year, and you can file online fast and keep your information offline when you use us as your MO registered agent.

We also offer a number of additional services. We allow you to use our address for the required addresses when forming a Missouri LLC to keep your address completely confidential (for FREE). We’ll also file your Beneficial Ownership Information Report for you. You can add BOI Report Filing to your Missouri Registered Agent service for just $9. If you need a company website or dedicated business phone line, we can provide that, too.

In Missouri, the Corporations Division does not require signatures on documents for LLCs or corporations be originals and we do not have to sign your form as your registered agent. If you sign up for service you’ll receive all the necessary forms with our registered agent information to make your filings with the Missouri Secretary of State immediately. You will have what you need, AND understand what to do with it, in less than 10 minutes.

Have an Out-of-State Corporation or LLC that needs to do business in Missouri?

You’ll need to get a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State before your out-of-state company does business in Missouri. Missouri Foreign LLCs have a $105 filing fee and require a Missouri registered agent. Missouri Foreign Corporations have a $155 state filing fee and also must appoint a Missouri registered agent. Foreign non-profit corporations cost $25.

The process to register a foreign business entity in Missouri is different than forming an LLC or creating a new corporation. We’ve helped thousands of small business owners start new companies, but we’ve also helped countless folks register their foreign LLCs and corporations, too. Our Out-of-State Registration Services includes the preparation and filing of your state forms, a year of a our Missouri Registered Agent Service, and compliance reminders when your annual reports are due.

Register Your Out-of-State Business Now!

When filing a certificate of authority as a foreign Missouri LLC or foreign corporation in Missouri, you will need to get a certificate of good standing (current within 60 days) from your home state. It needs to be an original copy. Here is a list of home state fees from some of the common states that people are from:

  • Kansas: $15
  • Illinois: $47
  • Iowa: $5

Domestic Missouri LLCs have a $58 filing fee if filed online, otherwise it’s $105. Missouri corporation filing fees are based on dollar amount of authorized capital and cost a minimum of $58 (for the first $30,000 or less of authorized shares). Note that there’s a credit card processing fee of a few dollars, based on your transaction total. All domestic entities must maintain a Missouri registered agent.

You can make these filings by submitting the forms and a check payment to the Missouri Secretary of State at the address listed above. You can also fax file or walk in your filings to the Secretary of State office or one of the regional offices. Only domestic LLCs can file online. Upon signing up for registered agent service, you’ll see all the necessary forms you need to make your filing, in your online account.

LLCs filed online are processed in 1 day. Normal mailed filings are processed by the state within 5-7 business days after they receive them. There is no expedite option but fax filing at a regional office gets done in about 1-3 business days, which is quicker than mailing.

Once registered to do business in Missouri, corporations must file an initial report and annual reports. Reports cost $45 if filed by paper or $20 if you file online. Again, there’s a small credit card processing fee for online transactions. LLCs do not file these reports.

Thank you for the opportunity to show you how we could help you start and maintain your business in Missouri.

$40 a Year - Done in 3 Minutes

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