Missouri LLC

$192 Total - Done in 6 Minutes

Learn how to form a Missouri LLC and why it is such a hidden gem.

A Missouri limited liability company is formed by filing Articles of Organization with the Missouri Corporations Division. A Missouri LLC can be formed quickly and inexpensively online for only $51.25. The company is owned by its members, who write a governing document, called an LLC operating agreement, describing how the company will be managed.

Our formation package includes custom Articles of Organization and operating agreement, initial resolutions, and one full year of Missouri registered agent service for only $192.

Advantages of the Missouri LLC

The Missouri LLC is a thing of beauty: cheap and easy to form, completely private, with no annual reporting requirements and a simple online submission process. Rarely is a business entity this easy to work with.

  1. Total Privacy
    When you form a limited liability company in Missouri state, you are not required to list the names or addresses of any member or manager of the company. You must list an organizer (the individual who prepares and files the filing), but you can hire or appoint someone to fulfill this role. For business owners interested in maintaining their privacy and keeping free from telemarketers and unscrupulous lawsuits, the Missouri LLC offers a level of privacy found in only a handful of states in the US.
  2. No Annual Reporting
    Almost every state in the Union requires annual reporting from business entities, but not Missouri. There are no yearly reporting requirements for LLCs. Since annual reports usually come with fees and additional business licensing charges, the fact of the matter is that a Missouri LLC is simply a far cheaper option than an LLC in other states. No annual reporting also means no opportunity to remove your business privacy. In Nevada, for example, an LLC can remain private only during formation; the names and addresses of members/managers must be revealed on annual reports. Not so in Missouri.
  3. No Annual Business Fees
    You don’t have to pay any special business taxes. There are no business licensing fees or annual registration fees. With no annual reports, there aren’t even any annual filing fees. There are only a small number of states with absolutely no business taxes on specific entities. Missouri is one of them.
  4. Fast Online Filing
    You can form your business entirely online, and the Secretary of State will have your filing processed within one to three business days. Many states still require paper documents to be sent to the Secretary of State, or they are understaffed and can’t process your filing in a reasonable time frame unless you pay exorbitant expedite fees. The Missouri Secretary of State, however, will have your LLC created in three days or less for no extra charge. The state also provides the Missouri Business Development Program, an online portal with access to an extensive network that helps businesses get off the ground and stay competitive.
  5. Low Personal Income Tax
    Missouri LLC members will have to account for business profits on their personal income returns, but Missouri state intentionally keeps personal income taxes low: between zero and six percent. Low taxes ensure that members are not overburdened by unnecessary taxation.

Our Formation Package:

When you hire Missouri Registered Agent LLC and select our formation package, we will provide all of the following services:

  • Prepare and file Articles of Organization with the Corporations Division
  • Serve as your Registered Agent for one year
  • Create your initial LLC resolutions
  • Write an LLC operating agreement tailored to your company

We charge a total of $192 for our Missouri LLC formation service, which includes the $51.25 Missouri state filing fee.

How to Form a Missouri LLC

1. Before You File: Choose an LLC Name

Before you file Articles of Organization and form your Missouri LLC, you have to chose an LLC name for your Missouri company. This is pretty simple, but there are a few rules enforced by state law:

  • You must include a proper business designator
  • You cannot choose a name already in use by another entity

You can use any of the following designators: Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, LLC, LC, L.L.C. or L.C.

You can visit the Missouri Secretary of State website and search for a MO business entity to determine what is already registered.

2. File Articles of Organization

To start an LLC in Missouri, you file Articles of Organization with the Missouri Corporations Division. You can file online $51.25.

Missouri Articles of Organization list basic information about your limited liability company: your limited liability company name, the purpose of your company, the name and address of your Missouri registered agent, your LLC management structure, and the names and addresses of your organizers (the individual or individuals who have prepared and filed your Articles).

Processing time for paper filing is generally one week after the document arrives. Online filings are processed quickly, often between one to three days.

3. After You File: Missouri LLC Housekeeping

After you file with the Missouri Secretary of State Corporations Division, you still have some housekeeping issues to address:

  • Writing an LLC operating agreement
  • Applying for an Employer Identification Number (if necessary)
  • Opening a business bank account

An operating agreement is the governing document of your Missouri company. An operating agreement lists your LLC members, their initial contributions, their ownership percentage, and their voting rights. It also details the management structure of your company and the rights and responsibilities of management.

If you intend to have employees, you will need to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Your EIN will identify your business for federal tax purposes.

You will need a business bank account to process the monetary transactions of your LLC. You should contact a local bank in Missouri to see what documents they will need to open an account.

In addition, the Missouri Business Development Program is an excellent network for developing connections to keep your business running smoothly.


Can I Reserve a Name for My LLC?

Yes. You can file an Application for Reservation of Name with the Missouri Secretary of State Corporations Division and pay the $25 filing fee to reserve an LLC name. A reservation lasts for 60 days and can be renewed three times, for a combined total of 180 days.

Can I Expedite My LLC Filing?

No. A domestic company can file online, which will speed up the processing to one to three days, but the Corporations Division offers no special expedite options.

Can I Stay Private If I Submit My Own Filing?

No. The name and address of your organizer (the individual or company that prepares your filing) must be listed on the form. If you prepare your own filing, you must list your private information. To keep your information off the public record, you can hire Missouri Registered Agent LLC, and we will use our information instead of yours.

What Are the Ongoing Fees?

There are none. There is no annual report requirement for an LLC in Missouri, and there are no additional entity level taxes.

Why Should I Hire You?

There are many services that will file your formation documents and start your Missouri LLC for you, including legal firms and business incorporators. But as a registered agent, we work with business filings every day. Our business revolves around maintaining a close relationship with the Missouri Corporations Division and understanding precisely how they want their documents filled out and submitted.

Will a law firm that handles business formation as only part of its business have the same level of understanding about specialized business filings? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

Also, it is in our best interest to not only process your business filing properly, but to continue to offer the best service on your behalf year after year for the life of your business. With a law firm or an incorporation company, you are only a one-time customer. For us, we want to be your registered agent for life. Formation is only the beginning.

We value each and every one of our clients. We look forward to having an opportunity to work closely with you to help make your Missouri business a success.


$192 Total - Done in 6 Minutes