Credit Card Processing

Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

Getting set up to accept credit card payments is an important step that just about every new business needs to take. That’s why we provide a free credit card processing consultation to any new client who wants one, and why we created a credit card processing service to help you save. This service includes a free in-house phone consultation and the option to sign up with a payment processor at low rates we negotiate for your business.

How to Request Your Free Consultation

To request your free credit card processing consultation, simply sign up for our Missouri registered agent service, or hire us to form your company in Missouri. When you take any of these steps, you’ll see an option labeled “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” on your sign-up form. Just check this box and complete your order. Our team of credit card processing experts will then reach out to you by email with a day and an approximate time for the call.

Get a Missouri Registered Agent – $40 a Year

Form a Company – $140 + state fees

How Our Credit Card Processing Service Works

It all starts with a phone call (your free consultation), but there’s more to follow. Here’s how the process works:

  • We’ll learn about your business: You’ll talk to one of our credit card processing experts and discuss your business’s payment processing needs. This initial phone consultation will cover your business type, current or estimated monthly sales, average ticket, and the ways you want to take payments (in-store, mobile, or online).
  • We’ll find you the right payment processor: Our team of experts will then match you with the right payment processor and give you a rates package based on the information you gave us about your business, including any card processing tools (equipment or software) your business needs.
  • We’ll help you submit your application: If you like what you see and want to proceed, our team will submit your application, at our requested pricing, to the payment processor. Things then pass into the hands of the processor’s underwriting team. They’ll typically reach out to you for additional business and financial information (stuff that isn’t our business) and decide if they approve your account at the pricing we requested. If they don’t approve, they might send us a counter-offer, and we can discuss your options (including possibly shopping your account to a different processor).
  • You’ll sign your merchant agreement: Once your application is approved, you’ll sign your merchant agreement with the processor, and then we’ll help make sure you receive your equipment and/or software in a timely manner.
  • You’ll be ready to start taking payments: With a signed merchant agreement and the right processing tools in hand, you’ll be prepared to get paid.

Our Continuing Role

Our role doesn’t come to an end after we get you signed up with a payment processor. We’ll be here for the long haul, both as your Missouri registered agent and your guide (your “voice”) whenever you need to deal with the payment processor. At your request, we can even review your monthly merchant statements, searching out any processor errors or hidden fees, to make sure the payment processor treats you right.

What to Expect from Our Credit Card Processing Service

  • Fast Service: Your time is valuable. When you request your free consultation, we’ll set up a call within a few business days, make that call really count, and get you on the short road toward accepting credit card payments.
  • Expert Guidance: You’ll talk directly with one of our credit card processing experts, not a mere salesperson or customer support representative. That means you’ll get asked the right questions and learn about the best payment processing options for your business.
  • Low Rates: We’ll match you with the right payment processor and offer you a rates package designed to help your business save. When we set your rates, our #1 objective is to get you all of the services and processing tools you need at stellar low rates and prices.
  • No Obligations: Your free credit card processing consultation isn’t just free. It also comes with no strings attached. If you like our offer, we’ll get you set up with a payment processor. If you don’t like our offer, no problem. We’re more than happy to just serve as your business’s Missouri registered agent.

Why Do I Need to Accept Credit Card Payments?

Modern consumers expect multiple payment options, not just cash, and credit cards and debit cards are at the top of the list. This is equally true if you intend to take payments at a brick-and-mortar store, on the go, or online (or all three), and it applies whether you form a Missouri LLC or a Missouri corporation.

But since credit card processing can be costly, you’ll benefit from having a trained payments expert sign you up with a payment processor. This is doubly true when you sign up for credit card processing through us. Our team’s sole purpose is to get you the payment options and the equipment you need at a price that won’t hurt your business’s bottom line.

Why We Can Help You Save On Credit Card Processing

The secret to saving money on credit card processing comes down to getting the right person (or business) to sign you up. This is because most payment processors take a “broker-like” approach to locating and signing up new merchants. Instead of handling the bulk of their sales themselves, they farm things out to other companies and individual sellers, charge those sellers a buy rate for their services, and then let those sellers add their own markups to cover their costs and turn a profit.

When we realized this, we knew we had to get into the payments game. Why? Not because we want or need to make a killing from credit card processing, but because we could see a great avenue for providing low-cost credit card processing to our clients. Since our business isn’t built around signing businesses up to accept credit card payments, we knew we could take that buy rate from the processor, mark it up just enough to cover our costs, and then pass the savings on to you.

And, yes, that makes us pretty much unique in the card payment industry. Unlike much of our competition, our #1 goal is to save your business money.

Get a Missouri Registered Agent – $40 a Year

Form a Company – $140 + state fees